Information and exclusive footage of the video from Fall Down

Certainly one of the strongest songs of #willpower is "Fall Down" featuring Miley Cyrus with that many fans are waiting for the same to become single and get a clip and... this time has come!

Finally it seems that everything is working out for the release of "Fall Down", the song was originally to have been released as a single for two months, along with your video clip, it turns out that the story of the clip did not have a good response and so now only be released in mid-November.

Rumors: In the original version for months and recorded the video for "Fall Down" Will.i.am was a slave who fell in love and lived a romance with a white, Miley Cyrus... So far so good, but what really shocked a bit was the fact Will.i.am die hanged at the end of the clip. For this reason it was decided to rewrite the clip, thus delaying its release.

Check out exclusive footage of the clip:

Author: Aline Santos, Newsposter { facebook | twitter }
Last modified at: 01/11/2013
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